Friday, April 14, 2006

I earned this hangover

I really wish Jesus had died on a Saturday, either that or it took him four days to be resurrected, though I know four is not as magic a number as three, so the Saturday wish is better.

Then I wish that a culture of presents and magical creatures bringing them grew up around Easter so that even the terrible Jews and Muslims could celebrate it and we'd all get the day off. And lots of food, too. And booze.

Furthermore I suppose people would take the Friday off and possibly the Tuesday then they'd come in and you'd say, "How was your Easter?" and they'd say, "It was good but I need a vaction from my vacation!"

Laugh, laugh, oh sweet laugh.

Then you'd say, "I hear ya."

But you'd really be thinking, I'd kill you for your cube. Cause really, who likes that guy anyway?

To recap: Christ gets pwnt by the Jews on Saturday, Monday we get presents and eat and drink a lot, Wednesday we complain about how terrible the five day weekend was.