Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is the way we wash our car, wash our car, wash our car

OMG, everyone, I just had the best. idea. ever. I was pooping in the bathroom when I said to myself, "Ho...what are we going to do with this felon Mexico sitchy?"

I mean, if the felons go...who will do our shitty work? Will prices go up? I can't afford to pay more for grapes, etc.

Then I started to cry. Straight up bawling. I was sobbing and I prayed unto the very Lord.

Then I said to myself, "Of course. It's so simple. Annex Mexico."

I even have a new name for the biggest state so far, Annexico.

I'm going to present my ideas to the Bushes or whomever will need to make this happen.

I hope I'm the first senator from the humble state of Annexico.