Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Flexican, flexican, flexican Jew -- you love me and I love you

I know this won't show up right but out of my love for you I have made an ascii art of a retard with only 3 fingers (it's a boy and he lost them doing a dual pick when I socked his mug with an uppercut right in the very nostrils):

__ ( )
( ) |__|
|__| __ __ | |
| |( )( )|__| __
|__||__||__|| | / )
| (__)(__) | / /
| |/ /
| / /
\ /

Secondarily, I love it when girls wear thigh length skirts with the floral patterns and the swish of the wind almost shows the panties that are surely there and then they take that skirt off and fuck you like it's a surprise, as if it were an afterthought that you were both there and she offs her skirt and fucks you near unto death.

The pelvis bones break from the romping and the skin grates and shreds and the two areas almost fuse together from the raw meat of the legs and thighs and the muck juice that dries and cracks and forms again. But it never quite sticks. Friction has a way of overcoming bonds.

But just between those events is this question, "Dude, wtf with your pee pee?"

"LOL!" you say, "I made a fine coat for my mouse and these are the resulting scabs and scars! It's not really the herp which most don't believe but I swear unto you. Not the herp."

And she says, "Oh, ok. I seen that once before."

And then it's on and then it ends and you always are wanting just a bit more, right?