Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lifting weights on Friday is for suckers

So we live another day.

I suppose that's good news.

Good enough.

I would have told everyone we was all still alive yesterday but I got drunk and called in sick.  I didn't want to waste my sick days on oblivion nor the doomsday.

Joke was on me, my friends.

I suppose that's good news.

I was reading that the CERN had done just some tests and that they was rill gonna go hard at another test later down the road.  Like tomorrow or next week.

Apparently they went with the counterclockwise smashing and that at some later date?

That's right.

Clockwise smashing.

If you think about it, that's moving from talking to a left handed retard about particle physics to talking to a right handed pinch hitter about spit balls.

Bit step up in the leagues, my friends.  Big step up.

I think the not ending of the world put me in a mood.  Or it's this weather.  It feels like the middle of August.  It's steamy and sultry and there isn't anyone even around to have sex with.  It's like a sex murder mystery movie without the sex or the murder or the mystery.  Like a real boring sex murder mystery.  I'm not even sure if I should turn on the air or the heat.  It's not hot enough to have the air but it's so humid.  I could turn the heat on but I'm sure that would kill me.  A bad mixture of humidity and excess heat with a dubious lack of sex and murder.

Happy nine eleven.

How many years do you have to put the flag and half staff after this sort of thing?  Do they still do it for pearl harbor?  Will there ever be a day in the future where the flag never goes full on head steam because of terrible tragedies?

I hate the flag at half staff, I always wonder and worry.

What has happened that makes us do this half staff thing?

I'll be the al queidas sit around and say this quite often, "Remember back when we blew up those building?"

"LOL.  That was fun."


"Real fun."

"I know."

"We should do that again."

"I know."

Then they clean the cave or whatever it is they do.

Maybe pray.  They pray a lot.  Nine times a day, I hear.

Maybe CERN isn't doing anything.  Maybe they got a finance to do 3 years of digging a hole in the dirt with fancy circuits and wires.  Maybe they bought everything and installed the circuits and dug the holes and then took the rest of the money and spent it on scientific bjs and pop tarts and snack cakes.

It's what I'd do.

Then they tell everyone, "We smashed some adams, today.  Counterclockwise.  Went real good.  I think the big bang is just about right.  A few more tests and we might find the left hand of Jesus down there in that big hole."

"Tomorrow we're gonna reverse the polarity.  I don't think it will blow up the world but science can't prove that to 100%.  We could do this shit for ten years."

CERN is a French word.  Not sure what it means but it's in the news.

Plus that cripple scientist says it won't cause the doomsday.

But if I was a cripple since 22 I'd say that too.  Nothing to worry about here.  All the while I'm praying for doomsday because I have a robot voice and I have to beg for sex in a awful robot voice.

He has a hundred dollar bet.  Well it's probly pounds.  But I call them dollars because fuck England.

Know what else?

What's blue ray?  And why do I give a shit about it.  Will it make my dick harder?  No, it will not.

Fuck blue ray.

Fuck CERN.

One good thing, though, is sausages.

Eat em.