Thursday, June 09, 2005

Victoria's Secret

My wife went out of town for a few days. As soon as I sensed her plane leave I went right out and poured gasoline in the plants. I hate to see things suffer.

Next I reached into the old magazine rack and perused through old copies of Mrs. Ho's clothes catalogues. I masturbated eight times in two hours.

The really great thing about clothes catalogues is that the women start out in the beginning of the magazine fully if you were on a date.

I introduce myself to the models and we have a good time, I buy them a nice meal and we have drinks. They dress up so well for our date and toward the end of the date I flip back toward the end of the magazine and there they are--in their panties.

It's then that I see the nice meal and drinks has paid off. I only wish clothes sellers would add those last few nude pages.