Thursday, February 09, 2006

All this just to say, pictures can pwnt you

Everyone, sound the alarm, the Catholic/liberal/United States attacks on the Prophet whose name I cannot spell are continuing en masse--well, at least one more that I am aware of--and by attacks I am saying the cartoons.

Not just regular cartoons, no, these cartoons are so vicious, so vile that they show the actual face of the Prophet. I know, I know.

Everyone in the world, we all know that the crazy Muslim fundamentalist is not like that one fat kid in the park. We know that the crazy Muslim fundamentalists are not that fat kid who you go up to him and say, "You're fat," and then he chases you around the park over and over again and you're so much faster cause he's a big fatso and he can never catch you! So fun! Every time that fat kid chases and every time it's the same thing! No, the crazy Muslim fundamentalist is not that brand of fat kid at all, please liberal media stop trying to make us think that about our crazy Muslim fundamentalist brother. Go back to your stories of those sad, sick owls or that...nuclear island thing.

But, I have wandered.

A perceived friend not only supplied me with a copy of the disturbing image, but this so-called friend also penciled them out of dog urine and feces (and also colored pencils).

Rest easy gentle reader--when I got a copy of the picture I cut his hands clean off and replaced them with steely hooks. Try drawing smut with hook hands, fiend!

I print a copy on this site only to assure the authorities that I was well within my bounds to maim the savage behind these drawings. In fact, only the police should scroll down because the image is to follow: