Thursday, February 23, 2006

The end of violence is death

Nothing I have ever written is opinion. It is all fact.

Jews will truly do well in space. That's fact. If you disagree you are two things, wrong and an anti-Semite.

Jesus does drive a chrome space ship in baby form and fights the aliens. Fact. I have seen it. Remember? I told you so. He chose chrome because the sun glints off it just so and sometimes blinds the aliens. For the same reason, the cylons are shiny.

The atoi function is going to be renamed atoz and will in fact do everything and all programmers will be out of a job. Even the ones in India who do things fast and free. Sorry, India.

As evidence showing that I am a font of truth I will tell you to compare everything I have said to the following equation: e=mc^2.

That's right, the theory of relativity. I think that settles it. Just ask Einstein.