Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How cool is that?

A lot of people think that the Jews would be terrible as space travelers and I used to agree. I no longer do.

It occurred to me, last night, as I was hoping that curling would be on msnbc for ten thousand hours again, that the Jews would simply take over all the space banks and space movie industry and hire a bunch of space Mexicans to do the hard work.

Good job, Jews.

Secondarily I want everyone to know that if you wake up in the morning and feel an odd sensation it's probably a lack of a hangover. It happened to me once and I was confused but then I figured it out. Over the tradi(tional pretzel breakfast.

Thirdly...I know it's a lot today and I'm sorry (I've been accruing ideas on my special think devices (do not confuse with stink devices))... If I had to lure the Chief into the fetish chamber for a ribald, rabid (rapid) romp I would definitely use a meatball gun and a chair and a whip and a small Asian boy whose last name is Chip. The last part rhymes like (supposed to rhyme like) Goodnight Moon but with a young Asian boy instead of...mush and whispering...hush.