Monday, February 13, 2006

Vroooom, goes the rocket!

Well, this weekend there were several movies that I didn't see in the theater, in was all of them.

I will now review the newest movie out called Final...something... part III. Final Destination, or fantasy or some such bullshit as that. Part three.

What happens in this movie is that several young, pretty teenagers or young twenty somethings narrowly escape death! The twist? They should have died! I know! Just like the last two!

What follows is that death comes after them and tracks them down and kills them one by one in bloody fashion. In that one scene you see that girl's boobs, probly--and that's a pretty good scene. Then that one guy dies on that one thing. Then the other chick--the ugly, smart one--well, she dies...from the flamethrower or something.

Finally, they start to figure out that death is catching up to them! Oh, no!

What to do?

Then someone else dies. The whore who smokes a few cocks for lunch.

Then finally, there are only two left and they figure out what to do! Then there's a sneaky suckerpunch at the end that sets up part four!

The next movie I'm going to not see at the theater (nor on DVD (nor on VHS because old technology is for losers unless we're talking Morse code which is pretty cool cause it's ancient)) and will the Jew one where the crazy Muslim fundamentalists kill them all in Germany!