Monday, September 22, 2008

Hadron, not Hardon. Remember it.

On 9/11 the CERN hadron superconductor had a break down that put it out of commission for months.  Maybe 2 months and that's why the world hasn't ended. 

I think that we can look at the date 9/11 and safely assume that the spirits of the freedom fighters from the 9/11 towers of freedom intervened on our behaves (we of the United States of America and the rest of the world can thank us that our spirits are also fighting for your safety, yes even Canada).

I believe the Holy Ghost rallied the undead spirits of the dead to derail the little particles as they zoomed along.  The Holy Ghost has power over all of the dead, that's why he's called the Holy Ghost.  Especially if they die in service to our country--that's extra holy.

Plus, why do doctors always come see you at 5 AM in the very morning every day after a surgery and you're in the hospital?  "How you feeling?" 

"It's five in the morning, how do you think I'm feeling.  Like shit.  Come back at noon."


It's not rocket science?

Only those aggressively successful people feel good at 5 AM and really, fuck them.  Let the passive lazy people get some wins every once in awhile?  Come by later and if I'm awake (and don't wake me if I'm not) then I'll tell you how I'm feeling.

After all, doctors, I am paying you.  You don't pay me.  Maybe if you gave me some free blood or something I wouldn't mind so much.


K, back.

This just happened, I was getting in the bath and it was a hot bath as I prefer and I was going to wash everyone's AIDS off of me when i noticed there was a big, fat spider sitting on the edge and it was surely contemplating suicide.

I took the spider aside and I said, no, no, you have so much to live for, all the egg sack babies and plus you're good at killing mosquitoes, my priest tells me that about you little guys and probably lots of other things... scaring kids, and well, lots of things.

And I could see I was reaching him because the little guy was backing away from the edge and I could see a sense of pride in his gait and that's when I squished him.

To kill something that lacks hope and purpose is one of the smallest acts of a small mind.

Like mine.