Tuesday, November 04, 2008

doctirine is a hard word to spell

Where do people get there energy, I can't even get out of bed proper.

My neighbor is sawing away on the saw tools, smacking at the earth with his tiller and curbs so the grass don't come over -- stays in its place and it fucks up my nap, I guess I can tell you that much.

Don't get me wrong but the mother fucker could do that at a decent time instead of my nap time which is when he deliberately done it to spite me.

That was yesterday, so-called all hallows.

Today it was some other hummy device that puked stink noise into my house right at nap time and my dogs don't like it either, they bark.

I should kill him.

But, I probably won't.

I celebrated October ending with the thought of another month and I didn't kill noone yet.  Not that I ever killed noone but I guess you could call that a suspended amount of good news, like I never been raped before and I have never raped noone, either. 

But you never know.  I could be raped any day.  Some dude comes up to you and bam, raped.  Happens every day.

Did you see that Whoopie was on the View, now?  I just seen that, too.

Did you see the big V on the View?  You think that stands for a vaginar?  I think so too.

Not that I'd fuck any of those women on the view, especially not that brown haired, liberal troll from under the bridge who's always scowling and who quit.  I wouldn't fuck her to save the universe from communism, that's for sure.  Maybe that's her plan.  Rosie, that's the name.  Rosie Odonawlds.

I guess I'd fuck that crazy republican Hasslebacks.  But it wouldn't last, noone can match my conservatism.  She would grow fearful of my devotion and eventually scab off.

They all do.

I was going to vote today but then I thought, why should i?

I guess I can't get past the idea that we're losing George.

Remember when I suggested a 3rd term?  Well, I guess the liberal media talked him out of running or something because it looks like there will be no 3rd term unless the takes over America by force and I will fight in that freedom's army, you can bet I will.

And what's all this about the Bush doctrine?  Why does that matter if you know it or don't know it?

I certainly don't know it.  You are not alone, Sarah Palin, I didn't even know he had a doctrine.  Maybe Chaney pushed it on him, I don't know.

You ask those fuckers in the middle east if they know the Bush doctrine, I bet you can guess they have a good idea of what points 1 through 11 are.

You go ask those fuckers and then you come back and tell to me about the Bush doctrine and I will drive you around in my Orange Camaro, all around Omaha showing you the sights and we'll drink beer and drive and you will tell me all that you learned and at the end?  I'll turn to you?  And kiss you right on the mouth.

And maybe it's the kiss of death and maybe it's the kiss of life and I can't dedicate to that right now because I aint heard your side.

Plus I always check the mail when I come in the house.  Even if I checked it before because you never know.  Even if I got mail out of it 10 minutes ago, if I go by it, I have to peep at it.

Sure I'm wondering if it's rigged to explode and kill me.  A furtive glance.

How can you prove that it isn't rigged.

In quantum science there could be a bomb in all of our mail slots which is why I say no.  To science.  Fuck bombs in my mail, give me prayer and I'll pray that no bombs get in there.

All of this I wanted to say in October.

And more.

But my fucking napping was innerupted by lawn trimmy.

Ok, I'm off to vote and drink vodka cheering the polls.

I hope Ohio doesn't fuck it up, this time.

Fucking Ohio.

Fucking Idaho.