Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is today

I done some innernet searching, looking for pictures of myself and I seen some things.  Some are inneresting, some are not (to you). 

Here's  picture of Melinda Gates that someone drew.  I'm not sure what to add more than it's a real picture that someone really drew.  Maybe at a retard convention for IT professionals who support retards with advanced technology.  Maybe not.

Here's a picture of your so-called boyfriend:

This is when we elope (I'm the strong one):

Here's a picture of your mom and dad (your bio dad, not the one you call dad) on the night you was conceived (your girly dad is on top):

This is bears:

This is the dark flow of the universe through the eyes of anime:

This is me taking a nap:

Not sure what these are, but I liked them: and I think the last one is about outsourcing wood but I'm not sure.