Monday, September 29, 2008

Snorting wood putty

Hi, this is a picture of me at the innernets I found.  I was at blizzcon which is a festival for nerds who dress up like not nerds but that makes it omg so much worst.

There are some girls there but they're paid to go.  Kinda like prostitutes but not paid as much plus no semen in the mouth, so in a way it's better.

In a way.

Anyway, here's my picture.

Wait, that's a picture of Jenna Jameson before she became omgwtf ugly.  I'd still have sex with her but it would be an anxious sex borne out of a duty to the past.  All of the undead sperms spilled in her honor on all of the discarded socks and bedspreads in all of the hotels of the world (the same ones you cover yourself in when you travel and I been there first).

Here is the picture of me, I had it framed in infamy on the nets.

Your dad and boyfriend came with me.  Your boyfriend looks rill good in pink.

One bad term I seen lately is torsion of the testicle.  That means that one or two of your nuts is all twisted and can't breath.  You get it from being married, so be careful.  I think I got it.  I'm not sure how you get it but I hear it's bad when you do.  Avoid it if you can.  (Marriage, that is).  (I know, too late).

Here's a picture of boys who play girls on the innernets.  They can be found on the WoW and also anywhere you find someone saying, "LOL, I'm totally a girl, look at my big titties and I have no body fat but I'm not so skinny as that ashley girl what pukes up dinners and such" and then they link you to some hot girl.  Anyway, here they are.

Here's a picture of Mccawleny Culkin with a young girl in purple panties.  I suspect she's at least 18, though.

Here's a picture of geeks out of costume:

Thank god I'm not a geek.  I'd probly sit around playing warcraft all day and start an online blog.

I bet priests get real happy when young ones die.  Like women with kids and such.  Young kids.  Anyone, really, because that's why they have jobs to send people off to heaven and such, but I bet they get so bored when the old ones die and they sit up there and he had such a good life, and the war he fought in and his grandkids, god he loved his grandkids and long good life and god the grandkids.

That must be stultifying.

I bet when the young ones die, they find a challenge and get to say new things, surrounded by family in their hour of need, carry on witht he help and support of the lord and the church, struggles in life, god's way, etc.

Plus I bet young funerals draw a bigger crowd and who doesn't want to be listened to.  When the olds die, who knows them but other dead old people?  There should be a service to hire pall bearers such that you paid 6 strong men to carry your corpse around and cry.

Plus what is it with Catholics standing and kneeling and sitting?  Pick a position and stick to it, man.  (That's what I yell out in sex whenever I have it (right, a phrase not oft uttered from my tongue)).

Anyway, happy Monday and such.  I hope you don't die, today.  Unless you're osama bin laden.

Oh, know what else?

I'm celebrating Ramadong.  It's like Ramadan, but my dong is out of my fly as much as possible.

Take that, b'laden.