Monday, June 20, 2005

Best Ass in the Galactic Senate

The first thing I would do as Galactic President of the Republic is round up all of those Sand People on Tattooine.

I would appeal to the senate for the safety of our settlers citing many notorious slaughters of at least one person. To the arguement that Sand People are easily frightened and usually run off causing no damage I will challenge, "What if your mother were killed by a Sand Person? Would you be so sanguine then? You're soft on crime, Senator."

After I received permission I would send down all of the Jedis and fight the Sand People until they were either dead or willing to relocate to reservations.

A lot of people will judge me harshly in the bright light of history, but I'd be doing it for the safety of the family, the security of our children and finally as a decisive check on unprovoked agression by a violent and terrificly course group of savages.

I would also rename Tattooine because it sounds so stupid. Planet Ho sounds so much better, but not Planet Hollywood, that just sucks.