Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gary Gygax got game

If I were Gary Gygax I certainly would not change my name to avoid all of the praise from the ladies.

Whenever I met a hot chick I would go up to them and say, "Hi, I'm Gary Gygax and you're too hot for this solar system--nay galaxy."

The words Gary Gygax would be emphasized with a rapid and obvious increase in pitch and tone and a marked increase++ of a squeeky voice.

If I sensed that they failed to recognize me I would drop subtle hints, "Your charisma is probably about an 18. I'd even say 19, but that's technically impossible unless you're a demi-god. Are you, a demi-god?"

Then I'd whip out the 20 sided die and roll for saving throw against scorn.

"My charisma is a bit low, of course, but my strength is probably and 18 (00). I can bend bars with a 40% chance of success."

"By now you probably realize that I invented D&D. I've been out of circulation for a few years but the Gygax is back!"

"My ex took most of the cash I made but I still got skills, baby. I'm still thinking of all kinds of games for the kids. Much like D&D but better."

"Wait, where you going? You're walking away from the G A double G Gygax Galacticus!"

You can't win them all, though.