Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm pretty tall

The first thing I would forget when I got famous would be the little people. The booze and the whores and the drugs and the sycophants would surely make me say to myself and to the world around me, "Fuck the little people."

I would live like this ... buying fancy cars, going to kick-ass book signings, getting gold dust manicures, sleeping in the arms of virgins in the day, sleeping in the arms of priests at night ... until the money ran out.

Then I would fall into a deep depression and wonder what went wrong.

Then I would realize it was a big mistake to say that one thing about how the little people are all fucked up or something like that.

The point is, I'd regret that whole incident. All of it. Except the virgins, that's nice.

Anyway, then I'd beg the little people to come back and make me big again, but they would definitely not come back.

Little people have long memories and no amount of finger wagging will bring them back.

Believe me, I'd know.

Also, if you find this blog more objectionable than ... well, than other blogs ... there seems to be a new button so we can tell the people that it's very objectionable.

I've been turning in all the crazy xtian sites, they love that sort of thing.

If my plane crashes tonight, please stroke the hand of someone you love for me.