Friday, May 12, 2006

She likes it up front she says to me and I bet she does but I bet it's been awhile

I have discovered why gay people turn from the path of righteousness to the path of the gays.

Some people assume, as once I did, that it's genetic. That we can no more choose a gender than we may get a hairy asshole clean from all debris. Others feel that the gays are deliberately sinning against Our Lord Jesus Christ. Even the gay Jews.

Well, I now have proof that it's a choice to be gay and I'm prepared to present it to you, today.

Here's the proof: they're quitters. All of them. Gays can't see a project through without quitting.

Getting a girl to have sex with you is very difficult. I'm out there every day, begging, cajoling, giving the wry smile and rare subtle wink--basically doing whatever it takes to score one for the team--for the man team--Team Man (of which I'm the captain). It's work. But listen to me gays, it's worth it. Don't settle and don't give up.