Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cletus stole my fetus now I'm left with just the aids

This is you in my dreams:

But in girl-form with smaller lips, uglier and a small limp from carrying all of my heavy baggage (willingly). Plus more naked and aching to know where I was all night. Just aching.

This is me but without the metal claws (mine are suede):

Here is the Tale of The Basedow

In thick summer's heat did The Baze
decide the ocean called such
plaintive songs that could not he resist
and borrowed without knowledge
the very goat of heaven Vaashnu

Gently the drunken goat did ride
The Baze unto the very shores of
Phucket oer the very waves of the
mighty gentle ocean's far waters
beyond the caves beyond the caves

Mighty Zaal did notice the missing Vaashnu
and raged he did upon the very earth
Where Vaashnu? Where Basedow?
The thunder of his massive thighs
inflamed the very seas of the earth
and up did raise the tidal fury

Basedow took yon bow and did let loose
a fury into the waves
which was moot and pointless
and he did flee.
The mighty Basedow did flee
for his very life

Poor dead Vaashnu we weep for you
A tool of Basedow. A tool of Zaal.
A goat taco, a tote bag.
A wooly warm and gentle soul.
The very drowned stinking goat
of heaven.