Friday, May 26, 2006

Eat it, eat it, eat it or beat it

I have found a picture of you and your date on prom night. You were wise to use your virginity card that night. I'd have done the same and maybe I did but who can blame me.

Regarding the baby slide made out of a cheese grater. Enough with the emails. It's not like it's the setting that pulls big chunks. It's the setting that pulls baby nibbles.

What sickens me the most about all the mail is this: What do you expect the Jews to eat? They NEED baby flesh. It's like a vampire, but in Jew form and instead of blood, it's hunks of baby. NEED it. Your selfishness sickens and disturbs me.

You should adopt a dwarf. There are plenty available. If you want the url, send me an email.

I masturbate so furiously I often cauterize my semen to the pee hole. The very s-called vertical slant eyed snake charmer.

Continuation of the tale of The Basedow

Upon the eigth day following the formations
of the cliffs and mountans and deserts
did Fonzi, the smallest of the seven sons of Sallza
regarded the Basedow and he was in a green
state of base jealousy and cried unto Sallza

Why build a man far prettier than I, father?
Who is this Basedow which wanders among the flocks
and all of the sheeps of the deserts and plains
and the fine painted women and men of the earth
when these were all promised to be mine?

Whereupon Sallza went unto Basedow and
did threaten him with great violence
and nearly did strike him down with barely warning
and all the flocks of the earth and lambs of the ewes
did beat their chests and smote their weepy eyes
with blue eyeshadow and very fine powders

The Basdow removed shirt and said,
Be not so fast to show violence unto man
for I am John Basedow and these are eight minute abs
and Sallza did tremble and yearned to reach out
to touch these so-called abs of eight and was thus pleased
Though the Basedow said, touch not immortal finger upon
the Basedow pack of eight for they are holy and
will cause unto you mighty burn and consternation
Whereupon did Sallza return unto heaven with excercize video
and a self-loathing that would stain into the very earth