Monday, December 31, 2007

Barely refuting the facts of my deaths

I don't know about you but I'll bet that Benazir Bhutto's boyfriend is pretty seriously trying to get a date right about now.

I can kinda picture him calling people.

Hey, Monica, this is Rasheed...

Right, Benazir Bhutto's boyfriend.


Yes, it's very somber around here, yes.

Say, listen, if you're not doing anything tonight, it's New Year's and I thought...

What's that?

Oh, right.  Funeral.

No, I understand.

Yes, I completely understand.

Look, maybe I'll see you there and we can get some hot wings after.

Ok, take care.

At least that what happened in my mind.

Here's wishing you a healthy and aids free new year.  Unless you already have the aids.  In the second case, here's wishing you a cancer free year.

Unless it's cancer of the aids.