Tuesday, June 02, 2009

pube is not a word in the gmails. confusingly pubes is. i guess why stop at one when you have a good thing.

Know what would be itchy?  A blanket made out of pubes.

Hand stitched.

Brown pubes.

I think they're all brown.

Mine are golden.

A brown pube blanket, hand stitched with white stencils sewn on in the shape of Jesus riding a whale into hell to fight Satan and rescue Socrates from Limbo.

Or a pony.

A white pony grazing on a fine layer of grassy pubes, just enjoying the day.  Eating pubes.  Plotting evil.

Someone should write a pube-pony poem. 

I found this picture of you.


As regards shitty powers (talking to fish) I thought of one that's a rival.  Maybe not shitty, maybe more trivial.

The power to put a pube in your mouth and know if it came from a man or a woman.

Right now I just imagine it's a woman's and eat them.

But if you knew for sure it was a man's pube you could spit it out and feign discuss and assure everyone that no, you're NOT gay and just how the hell did a man's pube get into your mouth?